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23 April 2017 | 03:56 PM
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Buenas Prácticas   |   Reunión Gealc y ministerial 2016   |   By: Facilitador

Chile and Trinidad & Tobago won the excelGOV Awards 2016

Simple 2016 version (from Chile) and Single Electronic Window for Trade and Business Facilitation (TTBizLink) from Trinidad & Tobago won the excelGOV Awards 2016.
Public Software excelGOV Award: Chile
SIMPLE 2016 version

Description: The Implementation System of Slightly Standardized Processes (SIMPLE, in Spanish) is a platform for the automation of electronic formalities and processes in a friendly, fast and easy way. It incorporates a simplified process designer, a procedures front desk, trays, notifications and integration for managing requests offering a flexible solution for digitizing processes. It promotes and strengthens the digital channel by simplifying the implementation of online procedures. It facilitates and favours measurement, assessment and control of processes, establishes formal procedures and allows visualization and analysis of benefits and consequences of each step. It identifies critical points and solutions fostering continuous improvement. It reduces costs related to software implementation. Processes become independent from the persons who manage and execute them, thus providing objectivity, robustness and continuity. It builds and facilitates the paths to automation. Easy integration through connectors and an architecture meant to be improved by any ICT provider.

Impact: It has simplified procedures and improved the quality of the services that must be offered to companies and the people. The fact that it is costless has turned it massive for new stakeholders such as local government administrations. It is being customized by other countries in the region (Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay) who have added some improvements.

Institution: Modernization and Digital Government Unit - Ministry General Secretariat of Presidency. 

URL: http://www.softwarepublico.gob.cl/aplicaciones/simple-sistema-de-implementacion-de-procesos-ligeramente-estandarizados

Improvement of public services excelGOV Award: Trinidad & Tobago
Single Electronic Window (TTBizLink) for Trade and Business Facilitation

Description: TTBizLink is a secure, neutral and user-friendly IT platform which facilitates the delivery, at present, of 46 trade and business related services online/electronically from the ‘front-end’ i.e. end-users/applicants to the ‘back-end’ i.e. approvers. These services are offered from across 24 unique agencies from 7 Ministries together with the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. TTBizLink can be accessed anytime i.e. 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Through the TTBizLink, the applicant completes one electronic form which consolidates the information requirements of the relevant approving agencies. The system has validation points and information tool tips to improve accuracy and completeness. Submitted applications are then automatically routed to the relevant approving Agency. Each Agency that logs into the system can view, query and make a decision on the application. 

Impact: Key among such areas Starting a Business and Trading Across Borders. Most notably, Registering a Business has seen a 57% reduction in time from seven 7 days via the manual process to three days via TTBizLink. Since the launch of TTBizLink to present, over 7,120 individuals have registered to use TTBizLink 2,544 companies/business registered on the platform and over 800,000 applications have been received. 

Entity: Ministry of Trade and Industry.

URL: www.ttbizlink.gov.tt
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