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30 March 2017 | 06:26 PM
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Four research projects

Four research projects

The 16 countries of the region submitted 102 research proposals. The countries that presented more proposals were Peru (21), Colombia (17), Brazil (14), Argentina (13), and Mexico (8). According to the assessors, most projects met the conceptual and methodological requirements included in the call.


The assessment and selection of the proposals was carried out by a specially created Expert Committee. It was composed by Mr. Francisco Camargo Salas, General Manager of the programme Connectivity Agenda – Online Government Strategy (Colombia), Ms. Susana Finquelievich, Director of the Research Programme on Information Society, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mr. Miguel A. Porrúa, Main Expert in E-Government, Department for Effective Public Management (OAS), and Roberto López, Manager of the Network of e-Government of Latin America and the Caribbean (Red GEALC).


Based on the evaluation and exchange made by the selection team, four research proposals were chosen:


Colombia: “From E-Government platforms to Internet and Web 2.0 mediated governance and citizenship practices: An analysis of citizen-inclusion processes through digital mediations”. Coordinating institution: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (UNIMINUTO) from Colombia. Team: Amparo Cadavid Bringe; Sandro Jiménez-Ocampo; Maria Isabel Noreña; Silvia Milena Pérez; Alejandro González


Chile: “Technical and Economic Factors that Facilitate or Inhibit the Implementation of Open Data in the Region”. Coordinating institution: Centre of Electronic Government, Technical University Federico Santa María, Chile. Team: Mauricio Solar; Gastón Concha; Gonzalo Valdés.


Mexico: “Design of a citizen-oriented framework to assess the sustainability of e-government solutions in Mexico, Chile, and Peru”. Coordinating institution: Research Institute for Innovation and Governance of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Team: Mila Gascó Hernández, María Inés Camarena de Obeso, Patricio Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Pasco Herrera.

Brazil: “Projeto mGOV2: Redes Sociais e Dispositívos Móveis como instrumento de consulta e propostas dos cidadãos para a elaboração de políticas públicas”. Coordinating institution: Instituto de Governo Eletrônico, Inteligências e Sistemas (i3G), Brazil. Team: Tânia Cristina D’Agostini Bueno, Dra.; Ângela Iara Zotti; César Ramirez Kejelin Stradiotto, Msc; Claudia de Oliveira Bueno; Sonali Paula Molin Bedin, Msc; Thiago Paulo Silva de Oliveira, Msc; Vinicius Oliveira Mirapalheta.

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