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23 Marzo 2017 | 04:12 AM
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Noticias Bahamas

OECS ICT Strategy Group Meeting
ECS Member States are taking steps to fully embrace the digital economy. The OECS Commission has formed a special ICT Strategy Group to consider the region’s options for using technology more effectively to facilitate its integration agenda. The group is being chaired by the OECS Director General, Dr. Didacus Jules.
Bahamas Government Launches New Polycarbonate E-Passport System
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially launched its new polycarbonate E-Passport system. The launch of the system took place Thursday, January 26, 2017 at the Passport Office on Thompson Boulevard.
Bahamas will participate in the Ministerial Meeting
Bahamas will be represented by Carol Roach, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology in the Ministerial Meeting of Electronic Government of Latin America and the Caribbean and the Annual Meeting of Red Gealc. Carol’s predominant modes of operation are “give a hand” and “expand and enhance”. As an active member in church community and a dedicated civil servant for over 20 years, she has been able to indulge both modes changing the lives of individuals and her country.
The Bahamas Launches New Online Notary Application System
This article about the Online Notary Application System was written by Office of the Attorney-General Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, QC Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs. Just last week, I announced that now, Marriage Officers and Justices of the Peace are listed online. Marriage Officers can initiate and complete marriage licenses through the Civil Registry Information System on the Registrar General Department’s website. Citizens may find JPs online at the Office of the Attorney General’s website.
Ministers endorse ICT Single Space roadmap
The endorsement was made at a Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development held in Barbados on Wednesday, 21 September, 2016. The Hon. Guy Joseph, Minister of Economic Development, Housing, Urban renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation of Saint Lucia chaired the Meeting.
Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through modernization of govt services
In this digital age, more and more governments are making the shift to online services to promote the expediency of the delivery of services, as well as to facilitate growth for business stakeholders. From the perspective of the government of The Bahamas, modernizing government services is essential, especially if we are to tap into the potential of young Bahamians, our future generation.
Fresh off an annual general meeting (AGM) at which executives touted a transformation plan featuring a pronounced pivot toward government business, Bank of The Bahamas (BOB) has announced the Restricted Registry Prepaid Card, a card that can only be used to pay for e­services connected to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).
Bethel touts 'm-government', interactive service delivery
Speaking at the fourth meeting of the 15th session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA 2016), which focused on improving engagement and communication between government and stakeholders through online and mobile solutions, CEPA member and Director of the National Insurance Board (NIB) Rowena Bethel looked past e-government to what she termed "m-government" - the ways mobile phones can be used to deliver government services. She cited industry research showing there were 3.6 billion mobile subscribers by end 2014.
OEA asiste a Bahamas en el desarrollo de una Estrategia Nacional de Seguridad Cibernética
El Comité Interamericano contra el Terrorismo (CICTE) de la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) realizó una visita a Nassau, Bahamas, los días 24 y 25 de abril, como parte de la asistencia técnica que se preste al gobierno del país caribeño para asistir en el desarrollo de su Estrategia Nacional de Seguridad Cibernética, a través de una iniciativa que será coordinada por el Programa de Seguridad Cibernética de la OEA, junto al Ministerio de Seguridad Nacional del Commonwealth de las Bahamas.
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Tech Round Robin Forum opens (11-03-14)

Tech Round Robin Forum opens
In his remarks at the opening ceremony of Tech Round Robin, Jerome Fitzgerald, Education, Science and Technology Minister, underscored the importance of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the development of school age children.
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