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30 March 2017 | 06:27 PM
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Public policies

Public policies
The public policy component of the project “People and E-Government in the Americas” is coordinated by the OAS and gives continuity to that made by Red GEALC since 2003 in the field.

As is generally known, one of the fundamental characteristics of Red GEALC, and probably its main strength to articulate these kinds of projects, is the fact it is made up of the e-government directors of the countries of the region and their teams. That is to say, it comprises the offices that day after day apply e-government public policies.

Due to that reason, this project component is fundamental to attain its general goal that, as it name shows, intends to place the citizen, and especially members of marginalized sectors or those whose rights have been violated or are vulnerable, in the centre of the State reforms that are being boosted with the adoption of e-government in LAC.

The following are some of the standing out specific activities carried out:

ExcelGOV Awards: They acknowledge the best e-government solutions in the region (see specific sections for each past edition and for the current one in this menu).

eGovMonitor: Monitoring system arising from country-detected needs (see specific section in this menu).

E-Government Ministerial Meeting: For the second consecutive time, it will make e-government responsible ministers participate in discussions. Its background is conformed by the annual meetings of e-government directors that took place in Ottawa (2005), Santo Domingo (2007) and Montevideo (2009, the first ministerial meeting).

Virtual work platform: As years went by, this website turned into a reference portal in the field for the region. A contents migration process took place in 2011 from the previous platform (postnuke) to this new platform. It offers the possibility of more collaborative work, a better presentation of contents, a predominance of dynamic over static contents, and the main innovation: a subportal for each country in the region that can be managed in a decentralized way.

Training courses: Currently there is a strong battery of courses on e-government developed within the framework of Red GEALC and given by the OAS. These courses offer not only a real approach to the e-government offices of the countries (which came up from the needs detected by those offices), but also provide better trained staff members and therefore more inclined to understand the importance of citizen-centred e-government policies.

Other activities: Horizontal cooperation missions, company by a facilitating team (with liaison officers that joined this year, explained in a specific section in this menu), extension of the eGobex solution exchange mechanism (www.egobex.net).

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